ARTIST ACADEMY’s internationally-acclaimed team consists of some of the most skilled hairdressers and trainers in Romania.

As professionals, they share the same passion for creativity, trendsetting and innovation which they employ to educate the newest generations of hairdressers in the industry.


It’s our ambition to discover new hair enthusiasts and to bring their vision and creativity to the next level.

We follow our students’ evolution closely and permanently adapt our teaching methods according to their original concepts and ideas in order to help them achieve innovative results.


Highly passionate about education and continuous improvement, our trainers’ original approach, the abundance of information and the practical thoroughness of our courses ensure that students are provided with all the expertise required for professional excellence.

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ServiciuPret Hairdresser (lei)Pret Creative Director (lei)Pret Junior Hairdresser (lei)
Vopsit Radacina190205150
Vopsit Scurt220245170
Vopsit Mediu240265190
Vopsit Lung280305240
Vopsit Extralung320355280
Decolorat Radacina13015590
Decolorat Par Scurt160185120
Decolorat Par Mediu190215150
Decolorat Par Lung2400265200
Decolorat Par Extralung295325260
Suvite 30%145165105
Suvite 60%195195155
Suvite 90%g235265195
Suvite Magma Par Scurt13516595
Suvite Magma Par Mediu215245175
Suvite Magma Par Lung285315245
Suvite Freeelights Par Scurt12514585
Suvite Freeelights Par Mediuu165185125
Uscat Difuzor Par Lung4045
Suvite Freeelights Par Lung225245185
Adaos 1 Tub Vopsea120120105
Adaos 1/2 Tub Vopsea606055
10 g extra freelights20
10 g extra magma25
1 cupa blondor extra 25 g15
Tuns Doamna708050
Tuns Breton222515
Coafat Par Scurt454535
Coafat Par Mediu505540
Coafat Par Lung606550
Coafat Styling12075
Coafat Extensii12075
Coafat Special (lejer+impletituri)180120
Coafat Coc240180
Coafat Mireasa360250
Proba Coafat Mireasa13090
Intins Placa Par Scurt304025
Intins Placa Par Mediu304530
Intins Placa Par Lung405035
Uscat Par Scurt171715
Uscat Par Mediu222220
Uscat Par Lung303025
Uscat Difuzor Par Scurt303525
Uscat Difuzor Par Mediu354030
Uscat Difuzor Par Lung455040
Tratament Color Lock5050
Tratament Energy Blow-Dry6060
Tratament Essential3030
Tratament Intense5050
Tratament Molecular Hair Refilling6565
Tratament Reborn6565
Tratament Purify Shampeeling3535
Tratament Spa Booster2525
Tratament Fusion Amino Refiller5050
Tratament Energy Scalp5050
Spalat Doamna3838
Spalat Post-Color4444
Tuns Domn708050
Tuns Barba182015
Tuns Contur404025
Tuns Domn (cu masina)606540
Manichiura Clasica50
Pedichiura Clasica60
Manichiura Clasica + Indepartat Semi55
Pedichiura Clasica + Indepartat Semi65
Manichiura Semipermanenta90
Manichiura Semipermanenta OPI100
Pedichiura Semipermanenta100
Pedichiura Semipermanenta OPI110
Aplicat Oja Clasica15
Aplicat Oja Semipermanenta45
Indepartat Oja Semipermanenta20
Aplicat Accesoriu 2 unghii6
Aplicat Oglinda 2 unghii12
Manichiura French Clasica55
Manichiura French Semipermanenta100
Pedichiura French Clasica65
Pedichiura French Semipermanenta120
Tratament OPI Pro SPA40
Tratament Parafina40