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Ashampoo UnInstaller 8 Free Full Version License [Windows ] – Remove unwanted programs without leftovers!

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Ashampoo UnInstaller 8 makes it incredibly easy to remove programs without leftovers. This is achieved through the integrated installation monitor that creates detailed installation logs.

This section hosts shortcuts to the available program modules. Simply click an entry to jump to the corresponding module. If enabled, a new icon will appear in your task tray and Ashampoo UnInstaller 8 will detect and log new installations automatically. Right-click the icon to access the context menu and use „” to manually trigger new installations.

Alternatively, you can also left-click the icon. This section provides status information on installed programs, plugins etc. Click the tiles to quickly access the affected program module. The most recently installed programs are listed here including uninstall buttons. Tiles for installations that have been monitored with Ashampoo UnInstaller 8 display an additional icon on a blue background.

All modules follow a similar structure: A summary of selected entries is displayed at the top along with the ability to filter and search through them.

Entries are displayed in the center and features applicable to said entries are displayed at the bottom. Many module support star-based ratings, e. These ratings are based on an online database and are regularly updated through Ashampoo UnInstaller 8. You can supply your own ratings by clicking the stars to bring up the corresponding dialog.

Depending on the amount of available ratings, selected stars may appear either blue or yellow. Select „Applications” on the overview page to access the list of applications currently installed on your PC.

Use the subtopics to filter the last, e. Either click an entry to uninstall the affected program or use the check boxes to uninstall several applications in a row. Click „Uninstall” the remove the selected items from your PC. You may also uninstall recently installed applications using the corresponding buttons for the list of most recent installations on the overview page.

Use the drop-down menu to hide common installation, e. NET Framework. Use the text field to filter results by specific terms. Deletes the log file without uninstalling the program.

The program can still be uninstalled but will be treated as an „unmonitored” installation. Removes the entry from both the program and the Windows-default overview of installed applications without uninstalling the program. You may rate the program on a scale from 1 to 5 stars here.

Alternatively, you can also click the stars behind a list entry to use this feature. Ashampoo UnInstaller 8 can perform additional in-depth cleaning to remove files created by an application during use. This feature is enabled by default. Usually, Ashampoo UnInstaller 8 detects when the uninstallation process is complete. However, you may have to manually notify the program using the corresponding button in some cases. In the left navigation bar, „Uninstalled” lists all recently uninstalled applications and allows you to either delete the uninstall log file or perform in-depth cleaning, in case you had disabled this feature during the uninstallation.

In case auto-detection fails or if you’d rather trigger installation monitoring yourself, you can also drag the affected setup file into the area under „Install” or use the „Browse” button there to select it manually. If monitoring is enabled, you can also right-click the corresponding icon in the Windows notification area to access the context menu and use „” to manually trigger new installations. During installations, you’ll see a notification at the top of your screen. Simply follow the steps outlined by the affected setup.

Usually, Ashampoo UnInstaller 8 will detect the end of the installation automatically. In some cases, you may have to manually stop the logging process by clicking „Installation completed”. You’ll then see a brief summary of the changes made during the installation. This module list all installed Windows apps including system apps and allows you to remove them. Note that Windows-default apps can only be restored by reinstalling Windows.

Removes the selected apps from your PC. System apps „critical apps” can either be partially or completely removed. Partial removal results in the app no longer showing up in the list of apps while retaining the app archive. This module lists all browser plugins for your installed browsers.

Use the left categories to filter results by browser manufacturer or the text field to filter by individual terms. Either click an entry to uninstall the affected plugin or use the check boxes to uninstall several applications in a row. Removes the selected plugin from your PC. We recommend closing the affected browser before you proceed. You may rate the plugin on a scale from 1 to 5 stars here. Snapshots document the current state of your PC system at the time of creation.

By comparing two snapshots, you may effectively trace any modifications for the affected time period. This may help diagnose software and hardware issues. Use this feature to create an installation log based on the differences between two snapshots. Note that the first snapshot describes the system before the „installation” while the second includes the changes. The program will then scan for newly installed applications and present you with an overview.

You will then have to select changes to include in the log file, followed by a brief summary. Click „Continue” to create the log file. This feature allows you to compare two snapshots and visualize the changes, e.

Simply select an existing snapshot and click „Compare with”, followed by the snapshot to compare against. Depending on the number of system modifications, this process can take a few seconds. Results will be displayed in different categories. Click „Generate report” to save the currently visible results as a text file to your PC which will be automatically opened in your default text viewer afterwards. These tools help you clean your system, remove no longer needed and leftover files and to defragment your drives.

Note that some modules that delete files and folders will always move them to the recycle bin first with the exception of File Wiper. However, if you set your recycle bin to always delete files this will also affect these modules in Ashampoo UnInstaller 8. Registry Optimizer always creates backup. Drive Cleaner scans your system for no longer needed files and displays results grouped by categories. Click the number of results to display details for each category.

Click „Create report” to save your results as a text file.. Registry Optimizer scans your Windows Registry database for no longer needed entries and displays results grouped by categories. Click „Write a report” to save your results as a text file. Right click a result to access the context menu. You may then specify the entry as an exception to exclude it from future searches.

You can remove exceptions in the settings for this module. If needed, right-click an entry and use the context menu to specify the affected cookie as secure so it will no longer show up in future search results. This allows you to keep settings such as login data for your webmail account from being deleted every time you use Internet Cleaner so you won’t have to input it again.

You can modify the list of secure cookies in the settings for this module. This module lists all applications that launch with Windows.

Allows you to add a program to the Windows startup sequence. Either a name and select the EXE file for the program or manually input a command line sequence. Use this button to update the ratings in case you disabled auto-downloads in the settings for this module. Allows you to rate an entry. Your rating will be shared with the community to make it available to other WinOptimizer users. Services are background programs required by Windows and other applications to work properly.

This module lists all installed services and provides a rating on their usefulness. It also allows you to modify start types individually. The service is permanently disabled. Use the ratings to ascertain whether a service is vital to the functioning of your system first.

Allows you to rate a service. Undeleter attempts to recover accidentally deleted files. Simply select a drive and click „Search”. Then, select the files to be recovered. Use the search text field to narrow down the list of results and click „Restore” to recover the selected files.

Make sure to select a different drive than the source as destination to avoid data loss. File types that are currently unassociated are marked red.



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An in-depth cleaning algorithm ensures that no longer required files and entries that would otherwise remain on your system will be deleted without exception. Snapshots give you a powerful tool to understand even the most complex installation procedures. By comparing two snapshots before and after states , the program can detect even minute changes to your machine. Fans of previous versions will be happy to hear that you can also merge two snapshots to create a more complete installation log!

Modern software frequently relies on nested setups that install several programs in parallel and this is where many competing products fail. Ashampoo UnInstaller 8 will never fail you! Even the most complex of installations can be undone in a flash and step by step. You decide what stays and what goes! Ashampoo UnInstaller 8 logs program installations and guarantees their removal without leftovers.

You can now get completely rid of old and no longer needed programs! It is one-click accessible from within the program. Pros: Still more thorough the Microsoft’s uninstaller. I have rem oved the software.

Pros: None Cons: Locks up Computer. Cant use. Too Slow. Installed Ashampoo Uninstaller, and performed a system backup. Installed a new program Internet Explorer 8 and eventually my compute r just hung. Tried Installing another Ashampoo program, which was installed long before the Un-Installer pre-install backup had finished.

Un-Installer may be thorough, but is too complex and slow. Well another fine program from them I have gotten a great deal on this program from them and it works just great and one thing for th e people whom have issues with this program like all you have to learn it since it has all the extras which come with it learning is a must so only buy if you think this program is a good fit for you as there are many uninstaller programs to chose from.

Pros: Love all the features myself have used only a few times but very nice to program to have when needed Cons: None at the moment. Totally underwhelmed!. I mainly purchased it to remove an existing, stubborn application who’s Uninstall file has gone missing. Did it manage to remove it – no. The tracking process is abominable, my PC freezes for 5 or 10 minutes whilst it backs up and updates stuff.

The next thing I will uninstall will be the Uninstaller Pros: None really Cons: Keep wondering if it is causing more problems than it is supposed to solve! This system and all information are checked and put in manually earlier than importing, program is working completely nice with none downside.

UnInstaller has not simply customers however followers! This helped us provide you with options like Fast Uninstall 1-click uninstallations , handbook log enhancing, improved cookie administration and higher tooltips.

The group additionally impressed us so as to add a widescreen mode for low-res shows, the power to set off in-depth cleansing manually and to enhance Registry evaluation. Use the filter for a better overview and disable or delete useless tasks. Not sure what do delete? The built-in online search will help you make that decision! UnInstaller 11 is responsive, thorough and fast.

The program adapts to your screen resolution and automatically switches to widescreen mode where appropriate. In-depth cleaning now benefits from enhanced Registry scans to track down every last byte—even when the original setup scrips are corrupted! You’ll also notice a significant speed increase with many modules, as we’ve done extensive tweaking under the hood.

Different setups behave differently on your Windows machine. That’s why UnInstaller 11 recognizes the setup type and relies on an extensive database to track and predicts their behavior—similar to heuristics engines in antivirus programs. No other uninstaller can do this! The result is more detailed install logs and the ability to distinguish between fresh installs and mere updates. This feature also allows UnInstaller to detect the start and beginning of installations reliably and to scan for leftovers.

The new uninstall algorithm works noticeably more thoroughly and detects more clutter! We’re striving for the perfect software removal with not a singly byte left behind, which is why installation monitoring and database-powered software removal have also been enhanced. We’ve also worked closely with our support staff to incorporate your feedback and make this the most robust and stabile UnInstaller yet!

And naturally, the all-time favorite cleaner modules, like Internet Cleaner, have been fully updated! Especially download portals love to bundle their software with „add-ons” that border on spy or malware.

Not Geeky 3. Average 4. Good 5. Major Geeks Special Offer:. It lets you test software with confidence because you can ensure that no trace of programs you remove are left anywhere on your system. It does this by comparing compact before and after snapshots that identify all program components and settings.

Uninstalling is completely safe, with automatic backups and a special Reinstaller for quickly reinstalling programs with all their settings. Ashampoo UnInstaller is a complete Windows maintenance package with over a dozen powerful tools.


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